Written artworks

Goldfish poem by Hugh

Lead Artist Hugh Nankivell wrote this poem from the conversations had during the Goldfish Bowl exercise at Away Day 4.

Working smarter
The phone might not ring for five minutes
Talking is as important as going to the toilet
Itʼs the first time heʼs felt valued
The first time heʼs felt valued

Iʼm not a dictator
Whatʼs she doing on this training day?
Everybody has to be offered something.
Now Iʼm thinking outside the box
Outside the box

A crossover in the roles
A confidence to bring my creativity in
Putting a mirror up to us
A catalyst for us to feel safe
For us to feel safe

Losing why weʼre doing it
This is a different kind of activity
If itʼs not recorded, it didnʼt happen
I see things differently now
See things differently now

The goal for this month
Is to smile every day
But half of the home want to stay in their rooms
How to build everything in
Build everything in


Written by the group at the end of last Away Day

Safely on your way
Leaping, wishing, changing
Stay in touch


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