Sara Hurley

Sara’s father’s partner has dementia, her grandmother lived to be till 101 with a sharp mind till the last. Her own experiences from her life contributes to her learning. Sara is a story teller and language lover working in care homes and elderly settings as well as inter-generationally. Sara’s work has 3 main elements: traditional oral storytelling, personal stories, real life stories (heritage or environment.) She is also a communication skills coach in the NHS.

”I love your sessions, it’s marvellous what you do!”– Jo, resident

Sara has worked on 2 projects facilitating reminiscence or heritage inspired personal stories and brought them to life through storytelling, response poetry and creative writing. These projects connected care home residents with other older peoples groups and the wider community. Over the last year Sara has worked regularly in 1 care home and occasionally elsewhere.

  • traditional storytelling to inspire conversation, reminiscence, stimulate the heart and mind and for enjoyment
  • intergenerational story making
  • some poetry reading, group poetry writing
  • stand-in for activity coordinator to facilitate various, whole group word games

”Sara brought a calm presence which put everyone at their ease. She kept everyone interested with a variety of rhythms, sounds and styles woven into the stories, moving around the room and engaging individually as she did so. It was great having some riddles and old fortune telling fun with props to break up the stories and she kept a group of older people awake for an hour in a warm room – no mean feat! After the session it was interesting to hear the residents recall other stories that had been told to them. When I saw so many of them leafing through the pictures Sara had brought I knew their interest had really been piqued. A happy, stimulating afternoon.” Suzy W. Activities coordinator

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