Ruth Ben-Tovim

With a background in theatre making, Ruth has worked as a professional artist and consultant for 30 years, using the transformational power of the arts to work creatively with thousands of people across different sectors. She specialises in participation; devising, delivering and managing participatory arts projects and interventions that invite people to join in through co-authoring evolving artworks that map, collect and exchanging stories, ideas and experiences.

She is the founder and a director of Devon based socially and ecologically engaged arts organisation, Encounters who have a physical base in South Devon, with work taking place locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Encounters bring people together to learn, celebrate and share skills, knowledge and experience across age, culture, background and expertise. Encounters Co-design imaginative projects with people to better prepare for the social and environmental challenges of our time, initiating creative, transformative projects for positive change in our neighbourhoods, towns and regions.

Working with different communities across the country Ruth has delivered over 40 creative projects with Encounters including projects for Liverpool Capital of Culture, the Royal Society of Arts in Peterborough, and representing the UK at the Venice Biennale of Architecture. Encounters have delivered projects Torbay including; Creative Consultation for Ageing well programme, Design of the Torbay Care Charter, Museum of Now FishHawkers, and Chrysalis.

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