Reflective Leadership

Through participating in this Creative Leadership Programme, participating Care Home leaders will have increased skills, knowledge and confidence to practice an open and reflective leadership style.

Example 1: Acknowledgements

At the end of Away Day 1 Care Home Managers were asked to pay each other compliments. They were given a minute to say three things that they notice about their partner, who simply listens to them.  Compliments had to be honest, heartfelt and positive.

Managers reflected on how difficult it can be to accept a compliment: many were not used to it.  After initially worrying they wouldn’t have anything to say, Managers quickly noticed that in taking a few moments to reflect and think about something you really appreciated about the other person, it became easy to pay compliments.

Managers practised this on Away Day 2 and again, in larger groups, on Away Day 3.

provide something here about either what compliments were said, and / or how managers reflected on the benefits of doing this – to themselves as the giver, and to the receiver, and eventually to the culture in their home.  Including whether the point is to give compliments in your everyday practice, or to notice what good things others are doing/being – or both (but stick to evidence from participants to show this)


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