Programme Practicalities

Programme Launch
  • This took place in July 2018 at Rowcroft Hospice bringing together, commissioners, TCAN project team and Care Managers. We led some creative activities and launched the programme.
Diagnostic Meetings
  • Lead Artists met with Care Managers one to one in their workplaces to discuss needs and goals and do some initial creative activities.
Learning Journals
  • These were handed out at first Away Day and were used by Care Managers to record their thoughts and track their progress.
Away Day 1
  • A series of Creative Leadership activities based on developing relationships, reflection and care.
  • Took place at the Edge in Brixham.
Away Day 2
  • More Creative Leadership activities further developing reflection, relationships, change and care.
  • Took place at Greenway.
Away Day 3
  • Activities around the theme of change. Preparing a brief for the Micro-commission.
  • Took place at Torquay Museum.
Micro-commission activities
  • Between Day 3 and 4 Care Managers had an outcome-based intervention with an artist in their care setting. Read more about this here.
Away Day 4
  • A chance to reflect on the micro-commission activities and the whole programme. Planning next steps and celebrating.
  • Took place at Paignton Library.
Review meetings
  • Lead artists met one-to-one with Care Managers in their setting to review the programme.
  • Certificates shared and toolkit launched
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