Who Cares was commissioned by Torbay Council and TCAN- Torbay Culture Arts Network- as part of a Leadership Development Programme for care home managers in Torbay. Its aim is to capture a creative expression of some of the Managers’ reflections on their work and to reveal some of their more personal thoughts on working in care.

Many thanks to the participating managers and care homes.

The artist/creator is Steve Sowden.

How to listen to this Podcast

Note from the artist: The audio is intended for close listening on stereo headphones, most ideally the over-the-ear noise cancelling ones. The content doesn’t absolutely require this as the voices stand up and out regardless, but the ambient parts are more spatial and immersive if listened to in the intended fashion. It’s 30 minutes long and I would recommend listening to the whole. It’s best downloaded as a .wav file and not streamed as the online sound-player is not great.

Who cares.wav

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