Through participating in the Leadership Programme for Care Home Managers in Torbay, participating Care Home leaders will have increased skills, knowledge and confidence to:

  • implement creative strategies and approaches to person-centred care within their care home environment
  • practice an open and reflective leadership style
  • share learning with colleagues within their care home and with other home managers
  • articulate the impact and value of creative approaches to care home leadership.

And as a result Care Home staff will:

  • feel appreciated and supported for the work they do
  • feel better able to challenge practice in a supportive and reflective work environment
  • benefit from greater opportunities within their daily work environment for their own personal and professional development.

To analyse whether these outcomes were achieved during the programme in Torbay, an outcomes analysis process was designed and carried out. You can access this outcomes analysis in this section of the toolkit.

Case Studies
Key Findings

The complete evaluation document can also be found here.

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