This Programme aims to increase Managers’ skills, knowledge and confidence to implement creative strategies and approaches to person-centred care within their Care Home environment.

Here are three tools we used to develop time management, stress and authenticity.

Time management:

What did we do?

Working in pairs one person was blindfolded whilst their partner was asked to get them to complete tasks sometimes against the clock. eg build a tower out of paper cups, balance an object across the room. The aim was to necessitate creative thinking, often under time pressure,  that focussed on the person and how to achieve the task in the way that was best for them.

What did Care Managers learn?

There was a discussion around who followed the rules, were the instructions clear, how did we feel about interpreting something in a different way from someone else? How do we feel about task completion balanced against the experience of the person the task was for? What new or unexpected strategies did you use?

“It spun me out waiting with my eyes closed – it made me think about how long we keep people waiting sometimes and how to make that better”

“I was telling her one thing and she just wouldn’t do it! I had to stop and think about how to get her to lift it higher even though I was tempted just to do it for her!”

“Small things have a big impact – a touch, a word”

We talked about the importance of taking time to connect with others non-verbally (but metaphorically in conversation too).


What did we do?

Managers and Artists formed a circle and had 90 seconds each to talk on the topic of stress, whilst others listened. On the second turn around the circle all participants had 90 seconds to respond to something they had heard. On the final turn around the circle they talked about what learning they would take away from this exercise.

The theme for the starting point of our ‘circle of reflection’ was ‘stress’. The topics varied widely, some said a lot and their speaking was curtailed by the bell, others’ left silences and pauses.

What did Care Managers learn?

Managers expressed a need to peer-to-peer support as they are often alone in their responsibility and they were glad to be able to share with each other in the safe space.

“I never knew you got stressed!”

“It’s so good to hear other people feel this too – I am not alone”

“I wanted to put my arms around you”’


What did we do?

On our first session, in small groups we drew around our hands and listed things we are good at inside the fingers. We discussed them and drew lines connecting each other. This was an opportunity to look at relatedness and how we connect with each other as whole people, not just our job roles.

What did Care Managers learn?

Managers reflected on the importance of knowing your staff team and residents well and sharing skills and qualities that are valued.

“We have so much in common…we are all so caring and that is why we do what we do”

“There are a huge range of skills on this table”

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