About the Programme

The Leadership Programme for Care Home Managers in Torbay has been co-designed by members of TCAN (Torbay Culture and Arts Network), with members of Torbay Council, and with practicing Torbay Care Home Managers.

It is a bespoke, hands-on Creative Leadership Programme, developed specifically for Care Home Managers in Torbay to:

  • strengthen your leadership skills and develop a creative vision for your home
  • introduce creative thinking, practices, skills and tools that you can employ with staff and residents in your care home setting
  • reflect on your practice and on your leadership journey throughout the programme
  • build a strong, supportive community of self- motivated, learning leaders
  • be part of a dialogue around new approaches to innovative team leadership
  • connect to the wider culture and arts offer in your locality
  • provide peer and mentor support during the programme.

The Leadership Programme for Care Home Managers in Torbay is commissioned and funded by Torbay Council, and delivered by TCAN (Torbay Culture and Arts Network) between August 2018 and Feb 2019.

Through the Great Place Scheme, Torbay Council Joint Commissioning Team and Torbay Culture are working to support and improve the quality of care provided to residents of Care Homes in Torbay.  Care Homes are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) which ensures services provide people with safe, effective, compassionate, high quality care that continuously improvises and modernises.


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