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The Leadership Programme for Care Home Managers in Torbay has been co- designed by members of TCAN (Torbay Culture and Arts Network) and Torbay Council together with practicing Torbay Care Home Managers.

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About the Tool-kit

The programme is experiential. Through this tool-kit we aim to make visible a selection of the programme’s activities, and what participants are saying about the learning therein.

These can act as a reminder for those of you who took part, helping you to continue on your leadership development journey by further reflecting on the themes covered, yourself, and through working with the wider staff in your own homes.

Equally, Commissioners, other care sector leaders, and care home owners are invited to explore ideas and inspiration in this tool-kit, and to connect with the programme’s team to find out more.

Within this tool-kit you can find a selection of experiences from the Away Days, grouped under the themes of Relationships, Change, Care, and Reflection. You will also find a formal Outcomes Analysis of the programme, which includes four case studies. You can enjoy the Gallery which presents a number of visual and sound artworks created during the various processes undertaken by participants. You will find brief summaries of the 12 Artist Interventions in the participating care homes, and can listen to the Podcast Who Cares, commissioned within the programme to capture some of the Managers’ reflections on their work and reveal some of their
more personal thoughts on working in care.

Information about the Project Team and Participating Care Home Managers, an overview of the Programme, and links to Further Information and Research about the benefits of creative partnerships in the care sector can also be found.

We hope find this tool-kit enjoyable and useful. If you have any questions or comments, please connect with us.